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Joe Szczepanski
Athletic Director
(909) 988-7411 Ext 2080
Email: [email protected]

Casey Workman
Assistant Athletic Director
(909) 988-7411 Ext 2243
Email: [email protected]

Isaiah Ahmad
Athletic Trainer
(909) 988-7411 Ext 2503
Email: [email protected]







At Ontario High School we encourage our students to get involved in various extracurricular activities.  Having our students involved in extracurricular activities is one of the best ways for them to take full advantage of their high school opportunities.  In addition to the various clubs, student government, and academic groups.

To be eligible to participate in any of the sports at Ontario High School students must register on, complete all online forms, and upload their completed physical to Athletic Clearance prior to participating in any after school activities.  In addition to completing Athletic Clearance requirements, students are required by CIF and the Chaffey District to maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA at each of the 4 grading periods. 

Eligibility grading periods are as follows:

Grade period 1: October 10, 2022
Grade period 2: January 16, 2023
Grade period 3: March 20, 2023
Grade period 4: May 29, 2023

If your child does participate in a sports program, we encourage our parents to carefully read all of the information located in the Forms section on this website.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, and let’s have a successful year! 


Joe Szczepanski
Ontario Athletic Director
(909) 988-7411 Ext 2080

Sports Seasons:
Ontario High School offers various sports programs in three different seasons.  Listed below are the sports offered by Ontario High School during each of those seasons: