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AP/Honors & GATE






Freshmen: Honors Biology, Honors English 1, Honors Math 2, Honors Math 1/2*, AP Human Geography


Sophomores: Honors Chemistry, Honors Geology, Honors English 2, Honors Math 3, Honors World History, AP World History


Juniors: Honors Geology**, AP English Language, AP Environmental Science**, Honors Physics**, Honors Anatomy & Physiology**, AP Chemistry**, AP Biology**, AP Spanish Language**, AP Spanish Literature**, Honors Precalculus, AP Studio Art**, AP United States History


Seniors: AP English Literature, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Physics, AP Government/Economics


*Math 1/2 requires summer school to continue with honors


**These classes can be taken at the junior or senior level.


Note: Students can take a maximum of 4 AP/Honors classes per year. Students cannot enroll in more than one type of class per school year (i.e. cannot take 2 math classes at the same time).


All Offerings are dependent on student numbers and may not be currently offered

Teacher Name Subject
Chetney, Sophia AP English Literature
Copas, Dominick AP English Language and Composition
Givens, Gregg English II Honors
Jackson, Judy English I Honors
Ortiz, Laurette English I Honors
George, Timothy IM II Honors
Holloway, Siria IM I/II Honors
Madrigal, Jeri IM III Honors, AP Stats
Nevarez, Joanna Pre-Calculus Honors
Sanchez, Maria AP Calculus
Soriano, Germain Pre-Calculus Honors
Williams, Michael AP Biology
Apgar, Ryan Biology Honors
Burns, Heather AP Environmental Science
Ciccoiani, Paul Geology Honors
Gonzales, David Anatomy Physiology Honors
Moore, Sunny AP Chemistry, Chemistry Honors
Okinaka, Leslie AP Physics I, AP Physics II
Ortiz, Guadalupe Biology Honors
Perez, Christy Earth Space Science Honors
Cerecerez, Mark AP Human Geography
Ellwanger, Anne AP Government
Potter, Melissa AP US History
Workman, Casey AP World History
Villegas, Griselda AP Spanish Language
Biden, Coleen AP Studio Art
Albert Einstein